Sustainable marketing @ Vermont Wood Studios

by Ann on May 17, 2010

Not too long ago we bought a table.  We wanted expandable, oval, lovely, good for the earth.  Which turns out to be a very nice list – but very hard to find.

Here is what we found:  a lovely table and 4 chairs.

Now usually I wouldn’t be blogging about this – I can only imagine how little each of you, my dear readers, cares about a new table at a house that is not your own.

It turns out, however, that Vermont Wood Studios, where we purchased this table from, got some excellent coverage on Fox News last Friday.

Listening to more about the company, its goals, and how it links sustainability with smaller artisans crafting pieces in wood, and the role Vermont Wood Studios plays in providing a selling location for the output – well, I loved it.

I loved the product, now I love the process even more.  This is an organization bringing together a lot of important trends, and delivering great product to happy customers like us.

The link above is for the Fox News coverage – Here is where you’ll find pictures of the Vermont Wood Studios team, and the horses they sometimes need to feed as part of their rent, all part of what they talked about on the news segment.

Much to learn from these guys!

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